Photographing a leopard in the zoo is a different challenge than finding a leopard in the wild. No adrenaline rush here! But the lightning conditions can be challenging – for this image I set an ISO of 1600, so there is quite a bit of noise when you zoom in. I love it though!

Author: johannekekroesbergen

I am an anthropologist of religion and photographer, currently living in Pretoria, South Africa. I wrote my PhD-thesis on narratives about Satanism in Zambia. Currently I am preparing a new research project that uses photography as an ethnographic method. In my free time, I love hiking, safaris and enjoying nature through photography.

One thought on “Leopard”

  1. Wow… beautiful!

    (I tried to “like” it but I’m seldom logged in and don’t know my password.)

    D said he really, really enjoyed lunch w you guys on Thursday!

    Blessings, Sherri


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